Good Nerd Bad Nerd: Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates

16 03 2008 The average person, believes in Bill Gates as the Satan of the computer world even after seeing him pour billions of dollars into his favorite charity’s that he supports publicly. He is generally thought of as someone who doesn’t care about the quality of his products as much as he cares about his WeNUS, (weekly net usage/spending) even though his products encompass more than 85% of all computers used around the world. The theory is behind this, that Gates is just a nerd attempting to get back at those who made fun of him by squeezing them dry, and in essence ruling the world. All of this however is completely foolish insight that just so coincidentally works out perfectly for mini-me billionaire Steve Jobs. Jobs on the other hand is considered the”nice guy” of technology, the utter opposite of Bill Gates, and yet who is really the bad one? According to the facts it appears that mainstream thought could have erred.

  • Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to charity every year
  • Steve Jobs has not been found to donate more than five million dollars in the past decade
  • Bill Gates speaks about his charity’s, using his celebrity for a cause
  • Steve Jobs is very seclusive about any of his beliefs and keeps on the topic of Apple
  • Gates founded the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation grossing 39 Million Billion dollars in Dec. of ’07. Helps poverty in Africa.
  • Steve Jobs Recently launched campaign to take admired social figures who do speak out, and use that emotion to sell computers

Just looking at the facts, even though I do admire Jobs’s art more than Gates, I must say, I’m very compelled to be against apple, especially with all of Jobs’s techniques to diminish Gates in the worlds eye, such as the “I’m a mac; and I’m a P.C.” commercials portraying Gates as an overweight, insecure, stupid, and older individual (who’s also balding). I think just because Gates wins all these human points, Jobs’s Work points start to count less, maybe to a point where Gates deserves his market share lead. I don’t know.