iPhone 3G Announced for the First Time Today

9 06 2008

After being closed for a couple of hours, the Apple online store opened up  again at 12:00 Pacific Time with a little surprise: The 3G iPhone! For half the price (starting at $199) of the original iPhone, you can get an 8 gig black iPhone or a 16 black or WHITE iPhone. The iPhone comes with the “App Store” and thats exactly what it is: an on-board store for applications, plus it comes with better email and map programs. The map app has GPS and better views. This is the first time that Apple has officially announced the much anticipated 3G, although it doesn’t come out until July 11th. There is only one thing to be disappointed about: no iChat. Well, at least not yet. It did seem like a stretch for there to be two cameras, but still it woulda been AWESOME. There may still be iChat on the 3G, but Apple just doesn’t want to announce that yet. The iPhone looks great in black and white, and should not disappoint. iPhones will be available both at Apple Stores and AT&T stores. When 3G comes out, FathomFruit will be one of the first in line and posting live from the Apple Store. We strongly recommend it now, and will have a full review once we have the hardware itself.


The Apple Store is DOWN!!!

9 06 2008

2 hrs and 15 mins before showtime, and the apple store is down…
Seems believable, what are we going to see? New computer, MBP, the iPhone?
You tell us! Click here for the link to the store

iPhone with iChat, a Mixing Pot of Greatness

7 06 2008

Perhaps apple pie would be a better metaphor?

A day or two after I wrote the With the 3G iPhone’s Release Only a Week Away, There are Many Questions article, and then www.crunchgear.com released pictures emailed to them buy a third party source and updated information on the 3G iPhone. They report that, from the pictures, it is obvious that the new iPhone is thinner and does have video chat! The phone/iPod/web browser comes with TWO cameras, one on the back like before, and now one on the front exclusively for video chatting. We can now assume that iChat comes installed, as we first predicted. Also, CrunchGear’s pictures claim that there is now a Product(Red) version of the 3G, where ten percent of the sale goes to fighting AIDs. The new iPhone sounded great before, and now we know it looks great.

UPDATE:  Though We didn’t get exactly what we were looking for at the keynote, we weren’t all that disappointed

With the 3G iPhone’s Release Only a Week Away, There are Many Questions

7 06 2008


(Photo above is most likely fake)

The 3G iPhone is announced monday morning, and some people are wondering what to expect. Of course, it will be better and faster, and hopefully be thinner, more like the iPod Touch. We have heard rumors of video chat on the iPhone, but that’s hard to believe. No one wants to look at the camera, then turn it around to see the other person, blah blah blah. We have also heard rumors that the camera is on the front, but thats hard to believe because you can’t look at someone while taking a picture. But, the camera will be a video camera, something the old iPhones don’t have. It will also come with a better version of iChat, although we’re not sure if it will come installed. Despite all this, MacRumors.com reports that the new iPhone will have:

a telephone application, a video conferencing application, an e-mail application, an instant messaging application, a blogging application, a photo management application, a digital camera application, a digital video camera application, a web browsing application, a digital music player application, and/or a digital video player application.

Yes, all this would be great, but someone would just wonder how they do this. Video conferencing on phones has been attempted by minority carriers like Voce here in the United States, but the networks couldn’t support it well. But some of these things we’ve already seen and just expect them to be better, but things like the photo management application and blogging application seem strange. It is hard already to type on the iPhone, so who would want to blog in it? Also, how many pictures are you actually going to have on it? It seems as if Apple wants to make the iPhone a mini MacBook, or another one of there computers. That would be great, but I don’t think they can do it on such a small screen. 

Now a Computer With a Camera in Your Vegas Hotel Room! Oh Crap…

1 06 2008

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas no longer, when the Fontainebleau Resort opens in Las Vegas in a couple months. The casino has partnered with Apple and is putting iMacs in every room, from suite to standard room. iChat, iPhoto, everything on your iMac right now will now be in your hotel room. From the computers, you can book spa reservations, restaurant reservations, or just email and Instant Message your friends from the Sin City. Sharing your vacation memories is now easier than ever. Also, when you go to Vegas, there is no need for lugging laptops and cords around. But, be careful what you share, because you never really know what happened the night before…

New Leopard Operating System Update Doesn’t Impress

28 05 2008

Apple recently came out with Mac OS X 10.5.3, an upgrade to the current Leopard Operating System. I just finished downloading it, and I don’t see any changes. It claims to improve iChat, iCal, Mail, and so on, but there are no changes that I can see. It also says that there is a Helvetica Narrow font which I can’t find in Microsoft Word. Of course there are other speed upgrades that I won’t be able to tell so soon. Leopard is great overall, but I just don’t see anything now that I haven’t seen before. I would suggest downloading it anyways for other reasons. It claims to have better security, which I’m sure it does, and I think it is faster, although it’s hard to tell. I would also download it just to have the latest software, for reasons such as iTunes, Safari, etc.. updates that need the newest operating system to work. I say you should download it, but don’t expect any great changes when your done.

This is the information page on Apple

Ironically, “FastMac” Sustains Computer for 10 Hours!

17 05 2008

If you have a mac laptop or any laptop, has there ever really been a reason for an extra external battery to carry around. I say nay, in the end you have to put the uncharged battery back into your computer to charge it, so what’s the point? What’s the point of an extra battery if one is always uncharged? Well, if you have a iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or a PowerBook, there is a benefit, thanks to FastMac. They have come out with an external battery charger. It looks exactly like your regular charger, but it can’t connect to your computer. You take your extra battery, and you plug the TruePower U-Charge into the side of your battery and it can charge while your computer’s battery is soaking in the voltage at the same time. Finally a reason for an extra battery! Now you can easily charge two batteries, and take your computer out and have it on for 10 hours (depending on the energy use of your computer) straight. The U-Charge comes in two colors, black and white, so it will fit any color. So, get those external batteries!

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