Description: 3″ by 10″

Click for actual size

Real Scale

$3 Here


9 responses

18 04 2008

Are you guys going to change the bumper sticker with the new website?

18 04 2008
Bailey Berro

no, the current bumper sticker will last for lots longer, but by 09 it will change.

18 04 2008

jeeez i still dont understand wut this site is about
it has to do w/ technology
but i dont get wut….

18 04 2008

i think i should design you a t-shirt okay? great!!

19 04 2008

i agree there should DEFINITELY be a t-shirt designed
that would probably be a hit

21 04 2008
alex angard

buy the wallets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dey r da bomb

26 04 2008

i want fathom fruit booty shorts!

27 04 2008

weird greer

28 04 2008
Tucker Higgins

well make ’em just for you le gige

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