Here are several games to take up your time. They are some of the most fun games you will play, or at least most addicting, so best not to start playing after 11:00. “Zed” Help this astronaut rebuild his solid gold suit! “Stick RPG” Possibly one of the most entertaining games ever made. To check out more brilliant games from this site click here. “Bowman” A pretty good flash game, entertainment for hours… for the easily entertained. “On The Run” Play it… Just play it. Most addicting game on this site.

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“Bloons” Try playing this game without getting sucked into the sequels… I dare you.

“canyon defense” Defend your castle!!! Or don’t…
your loss.

“Helicopter Game” Amazing Flash Game… Need I say more?


8 responses

18 04 2008
Quintin Baker

omfg this is the coolest website ever i love u Tucker, Bai, and Jack!!!!!!

GO FATHOM FRIUT WOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 04 2008
Leo Winokur

im with ya Quintin great work guys

22 04 2008
Ross Esse

yeah good work guys these games are pretty addicting >.>

29 04 2008

thats why half of them are on

15 05 2008

put the helicopter game on here. you’ll get more hits.

18 05 2008
Danny Molayem

i can’t belive this… b* owns this in the face … all of you should click this –>
*t*p*/*w*w*b*a*g*A*O*M*c*m* and you will experience a much better blog than fathom fruit

ed. note: I have edited this post due to its stupidity and nothing else.

20 05 2008


26 05 2008

This site rocks nice job Baliey, Tuck and JAck

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