Download Day Some Time in June

30 05 2008

FireFox, in an attempt to set the world record for most downloads in 24 hours, is holding a download day festivity to download the new FireFox 3. By the time I’ve written this 402,604 people have pledged which is somewhat higher than the current record give or take 402,604. Yes thats right, there is no record, so the record is zero downloads. The map above is on FireFox’s download day website and shows that the United States is kicking butt, dominating Brazils 29,124 more than double, and crushing Polands third place score of 27,529. It appears the African countries are doing the worst with Swaziland passing with a crummy 12 downloads. It is not set yet but Download Day is supposed to be some time in June. Pledge by clicking on the flaming fox below.

Download Day


The Verizon Glyde: Really? An iPhone Imitation? How Creative.

19 05 2008

No matter what Verizon has done so far, the iPhone beats anything it has. The Voyager, the Venus, nothing in comparison, espescially according to sales. Luckily for Verizon, Samsung may have a good idea for them just in time (it is kind of late actually). It’s called the Glyde, and thats exactly what it does. It’s a touch-screen front, but unlike the Voyager, it doesn’t have an exact copy of the iPhone. The applications are different and so are their shapes. It then has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, unlike the iPhone, and it sure glides down. It is way less bulky then the Voyager’s enV keyboard, which makes it a lot closer to the iPhone. The iPhone is sleek and now Verizon’s version is. Now, hopefully, well be able to rub it in the face of Steve Jobs when sales exceed his… yeah right. It consists of the better service (less wiretapping), and almost as good a phone. I can’t say that the Glyde is better than the iPhone, but its getting there. The only thing it’s missing, which it will never get, is iTunes.

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Bold VS iPhone. Sounds Like a Civil War for the Rest of Us.

15 05 2008

Research in Motion introduced a new BlackBerry recently, the BlackBerry Bold. It is said that the Bold was made to compete with the faster and sleeker iPhone. The Bold has a video camera, just like the iPhone G3 has, and it is supposed to have more room for media on the BlackBerry. It also works faster on the internet with new Wi-Fi and it has a brighter screen. Although the design is the same, the way features work in-screen are a little different. It is expected to come out over the summer at AT&T for 3 or 4 hundred dollars. We should now expect a dog fight between Apple and Research in Motion for the best smart phone. Both companies stocks raised significantly since the two new phones have been introduced. Although competition seems steep, they are both considered to have different markets, Apples iPhone for aesthetic under 30’s and the renowned BlackBerry for the understandably older working class entrepreneurs.
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Zeitgeist, you make the call.

24 04 2008

Have you ever wondered where google puts all of its information? How much of a help it would be to the general public to know what was on everyones mind. Well, the 2007 Google Zeitgeist is here, and great job america you can pat yourself on the back, Porn does not make the top 10. the top 10 consists of the following,

  1. iphone
  2. webkinz
  3. tmz
  4. transformers
  5. youtube
  6. club penguin
  7. myspace
  8. heroes
  9. facebook
  10. anna nicole smith

This is the list of fastest rising search terms in america on google in the year 2007. Apple will be happy that their number one product is also googles, perhaps the surface will be on the 2008 one. Next in line is Webkinz, which is ridiculous. For those who don’t know what webkinz is, is a stuffed animal line that lets you care for your actual stuffed animal as a virtual pet, and feed it etc. Coming in at number three, expectedly was TMZ the celebrity website that just came out in ’07 and previously was just a magazine. For the fourth and fifth, transformers and youtube respectively, one was relatively a surprise and the other one definitely in the top 10, how did transformers beat youtube?

A Day With Hidden Depth

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This article is hardly apple related, but to keep this blog eclectic, I would like to commemorate today, April ninth as the day when three dimensional (3-D) films had their big debut. The movie is called “Man In The Dark” and although it isn’t the first successful 3-D film, it is the birthplace of its popularity. The movie didn’t get good reviews from anyone, but it did begin a cyclone of 3-D hits such as the movie immediately following, “House Of Wax” which was shown in theaters merely two days later. “House Of Wax,” the Warner Bros film was given better reviews and similarly claimed bragging rights over first 3-D film produced by a large studio. One of their first tag lines read, “You’ve never been scared until you’ve been scared in 3-D!” So, now lets have a toast to 3-D, and its fine work.

Google Phone 2008, Should Be Amazing. Can You Create It?

19 03 2008

Continuing until April 14th Google is holding a phone competition that is going to supply Google with their first phone. They are challenging developers and regular people alike to create a software for their upcoming phone using android software. The phones name has yet to be revealed however. exactly what Google’s competition is, is they are offering up cash prizes totaling 10 million dollars for a set of application designs. The exact type of Apps they are looking for are social networking programs and also programs that help the environment or humanitarian benefits, but mostly, as Google describes it, “whatever your interested in.” The actual creation of the software is much easier than what I thought before I started on my own project. What actually happens, is you download Android, which is the basis of what you will be creating. After this you must download yet another program to be able to physically create the programs you want, which they give you step by step instruction on how to do. are the pictures that would come up after opening this program , and as you modified the application, the phones screen would change accordingly. That is the Picture of the actual Google phone coming out known as the Gphone {(or Google phone) weirdly similar name as apples iPhone}. This phone is built upon the base of the E28 Linux Handset. Anyway, after creating the Application on the E28’s virtual screen the goal would be to send the code to Google and possibly win one of the cash prizes of 275,000 dollars. I would’ve highly suggested Google’s offer, but it would be very hard to construct anything worth while before mid-April.

Who Will Be the Next American Idol? Song Writer.

18 03 2008

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Apple is Currently holding a competition in accordance with Fox to see who can write music for our American idols! Apples involvement in this is that the music must be written in garage band, Apples music program, but other than that competition rules are pretty slim. I strongly suggest finding out about Garage Band if you don’t currently use it as it is the best audio editing software in the non-professional class currently. Apple is working with American Idol so much that they even remain the vendor to the contestants complete songs. Much of you who are against American Idol, don’t take it out on Apple, check out this Anti-Idol site.