(Technology of the Month)

A picture and a blurb of the best invention of the month.

We take votes and will release the results on the 15th of every month. Votes to, one vote per screen name!

WINNER of ToM for the month of May

Congratulations to the inventor, Mary Chan, of the plasma powered flying saucer. Her patent came in May fifth and since then, widely talked about. The secret of this, also toilet paper word of the day, is magnetohydrodynamics and is basically passing electricity through a conductor, but use it in public and your already smart. The UFO looking device seemed to make the cut just do to its coollookingness, and the brilliance (nerdyness) within the idea. What it exactly does is ionize (remove a couple electrons) the air and send it through its tiny 25 centimeter mass and into the ground generating lift. Sick.

WINNER of ToM for the month of April


Congratulations, G-Diaper and your wonderful work at sticking up for the little guy. What a G-Diaper is, is a non-cloth non-disposable, flushable diaper. The G-Diapers magic is two-fold, one, as a regular diaper would take over 500 years to become biodegradable (yes, your grandparents diapers are still out there), the second basis of their appeal is just how stylish they are, in their multi-coloredness and designer g on the back. According to an insider, they are thinking about making diapers for the elderly and for dogs. To visit G Diaper click the picture above.

WINNER of ToM for the month of March goes to Michael Chancellor and his ultrasonic tattoo removal.

Due to a professor at the University of Pittsburg’s studies, you can now get stupid tattoos like this removed painlessly and without the possibility of damage to the body. He discovered te Process of “cavitation” where the liquid that makes up a tattoo is subject to low pressure, and then shortly after very high pressure to the point where the bubbles collapse, in essence removing the tattoo, voila. To read more click here.


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15 03 2008
Jonathan Friedman

WAY TO ROCK THE blogroll link.

4 04 2008
Danny Molayem

I agree…

15 04 2008


18 04 2008


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