Okay, seriously… wrong site.

1 10 2008


Everybody, we have swithced the site, it is now just fathomfruit.com. Honestly, stop going to this, there are more posts on the updated site, and a better interface. Also, Ad’s! If this site continues to out do the new one both will lose funding, and die, miserably. Save the site, type less in the URL bar. Remember, fathomfruit.com, fathomfruit.com, fathomfruit.com. Thank you again.


The Apple Store is DOWN!!!

9 06 2008

2 hrs and 15 mins before showtime, and the apple store is down…
Seems believable, what are we going to see? New computer, MBP, the iPhone?
You tell us! Click here for the link to the store


6 06 2008

We’ve all seen those Mosaic photos that make up a picture works of art before, and wondered how you can make one. While here is that solution, MacOSaiX. MacOSaiX allows you to put in search terms (up to 8 ) BEWARE, using this app excessively on a laptop will cause the laptop to get hot!!!! You can download MacOSaiX here

Awesome MacBook Key Color Switching

20 05 2008

Okay, recently on of the biggest trends between different color MacBook users is switching keys. Many people think its really cool looking, and who are we to disagree? Over at Fathom HQ we decide to switch our keys around, and post some pictures of really cool combinations we have found. I will post a new photo every day to the photo section linked here!
Check everyday for the updated pictures!

Be Cool

29 04 2008

Do you ever feel your laptop get really hot? Well… thats not something to brag about. When your computer gets hot, it causes the computer to run harder, and puts a strain on the HD, ram, fans, and most importantly the motherboard/CPU. Not only that, it tends to hurt your legs if it’s sitting on your lap. This problem can be simply solved by ordering Antec’s USB-powered notebook cooler. This thing will keep your computer cool, for an affordable price of $28. Be cool and keep your computer cool.
The fanpad is available for purchase Here

iMac Revamp

28 04 2008

This morning Apple released the updated iMac which now comes with more memory standard and faster speeds. Here is a chart with the new specs

You can purchase the new computer here:

MacBook Pro Visions

22 04 2008

We have talked about a highly possible june release of a new MacBook along with a MacBook Pro, today, we found some images that put what we here at HQ envisioned on paper. This mockup shows the skinny aspect along with the black keyboard, which would carry the new colors and follow the trend of the MBA. Though not huge changes in physical appearance, but its what’s on the inside that counts. When we think new MacBook Pro, we think a stunning computer loaded with great hardware. Here are some stats we put together:

Dual 2.6ghz Intel Quad-Core processors
2gb Ram
512mb Nvidia video card
350gb HD
16X dual layer SuperDrive

Dual 3.0ghz Intel Quad-core processors
4gb Ram
1gb Nvidia video card
500gb HD
16X dual layer SuperDrive

Maybe one day when we have some free time will make our own mockup…
Tell us what you think!!!