100 Decibel Padlock: 30 Decibels Less Than Threshold of Pain

12 06 2008
Siren Padlock

Getting anything stolen sucks, almost as much as 100 decibels to the face. With this new “Siren Lock” any intruder tampering with your stuff or lock will get between 98 to 105 decibels to the face, which is roughly the equivalent of a walkman’s full volume on your ear. If this isn’t enough to successfully scare the crap out of any burglar, it will at least notify you if you happen to be in the same state/province. The alarm doesn’t cheap out on metal either because it is made from a chrome-finished hardened steel lock, on top of a zinc-alloy body. This machine will definitely wither save your stuff, or allow you the peace of mind to know that the burglar will be selling his new trinket to buy himself a new pair of pants after he dirties himself.

The padlock is $20, so if you want to test this out yourself click here.

Walkman at Maximum Level 1*10-2 W/m2 100 dB 1010
Front Rows of Rock Concert 1*10-1 W/m2 110 dB 1011
Threshold of Pain 1*101 W/m2 130 dB 101
Military Jet Takeoff 1*102 W/m2 140 dB 101
Instant Perforation of Eardrum 1*104 W/m2 160 dB 1016

Chart via glenbrook.

Post via toolmonger.




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