XO-2 out in 2010, Will They Ever Take a Break

11 06 2008

The XO-2, a project by Mary Lou Jepsen in association with PixelQi, looks to be a laptop I’d would pick next to a MacBook. And it starts at only 75 dollars. Clearly OLPC cannot stop pulling things out of their sleeves wed assume were developed by a much bigger industry. The computer is going to have dual touch screens for vertical ‘Book Like’ reading or horizontal laptop style computing. Negroponte, the founder of OLPC, doesnt share much about the hardware but we do know that it will be about 50% the size of the original XO. Jepsen wont say if they are working with microsoft or not like we predicted, but she does say that they (PizelQi) will be working with,  “large, tier-one laptop, cell phones, and e-book makers.

According to Negropontes speech, the XO-2 will be due in 2010, so hopefully they will walk before they run and decide to maybe release one with the far out of date technology of one touchscreen. Did I mention that this was 75 dollars? The speech ended by Negroponte stating that the Give One Get One will resume in August or September of this year.

Via Laptop Mag.




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