Snow Leopard Released For Developers

9 06 2008,%20Snow%20Leopard%20Cubs.jpg

Although the name is a bit ridiculous, Snow Leopard looks nice with a possible running capacity of 16 terrabytes of RAM. This is the main market for the Snow Leopard, and it is made for multi-core processors, many more of which we can expect to see from Apple. Although little is known about this new feature called “grand central” it is supposedly also there for better help with powerful computers. Also Safari is going to feel the boost in about a year when this thing comes out. SquirrelFish is the equally stupidly amusing title of this safari platform, claimed to be 1.6 times faster than the one you are running now. (I don’t take you for a FireFox kind of guy) You can expect Snow Leopard in the first or second quarter of next year with an unknown price.

Via Tuaw




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4 09 2008
mina sellars

i love these cats they r amazing and so beautiful i wish i could have one for a pet

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