iPhone 3G Announced for the First Time Today

9 06 2008

After being closed for a couple of hours, the Apple online store opened up  again at 12:00 Pacific Time with a little surprise: The 3G iPhone! For half the price (starting at $199) of the original iPhone, you can get an 8 gig black iPhone or a 16 black or WHITE iPhone. The iPhone comes with the “App Store” and thats exactly what it is: an on-board store for applications, plus it comes with better email and map programs. The map app has GPS and better views. This is the first time that Apple has officially announced the much anticipated 3G, although it doesn’t come out until July 11th. There is only one thing to be disappointed about: no iChat. Well, at least not yet. It did seem like a stretch for there to be two cameras, but still it woulda been AWESOME. There may still be iChat on the 3G, but Apple just doesn’t want to announce that yet. The iPhone looks great in black and white, and should not disappoint. iPhones will be available both at Apple Stores and AT&T stores. When 3G comes out, FathomFruit will be one of the first in line and posting live from the Apple Store. We strongly recommend it now, and will have a full review once we have the hardware itself.




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11 06 2008
Cody Willard

Thought provoking write ups here, Jack. Keep on bloggin’ in the free world!

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