Flip Mino is Out and Ready for Action

7 06 2008

The Flip Mino, after first being released about a month ago in a shopping magazine is finally out. This new Ultra-Cool Ultra-Tiny camcorder has joined the ranks of the Flip family and has far surpassed its predecessors. It has an hour (2 gb) of storage space matching the other two (Flip, Ultra) in storage space yet shedding 40% of its sleek covering. It comes with simple editing software and the ability to upload to YouTube and other video sites from the screen that comes up when you plug it in. There are no-push buttons on the mechanism which operate the screen designed for on the go filming, built up with an anti glare shield. Finally, there is a rechargeable battery instead of the AA’s that have powered its ancestors which is a massive relief and ups the coolness factor around 85%. This is an overall brilliant design with classy features… with a hefty price of 180 dollars. To buy a Mino click here. For pictures click here.

Via BlargKaboom




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