Download Day Some Time in June

30 05 2008

FireFox, in an attempt to set the world record for most downloads in 24 hours, is holding a download day festivity to download the new FireFox 3. By the time I’ve written this 402,604 people have pledged which is somewhat higher than the current record give or take 402,604. Yes thats right, there is no record, so the record is zero downloads. The map above is on FireFox’s download day website and shows that the United States is kicking butt, dominating Brazils 29,124 more than double, and crushing Polands third place score of 27,529. It appears the African countries are doing the worst with Swaziland passing with a crummy 12 downloads. It is not set yet but Download Day is supposed to be some time in June. Pledge by clicking on the flaming fox below.

Download Day




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