New Leopard Operating System Update Doesn’t Impress

28 05 2008

Apple recently came out with Mac OS X 10.5.3, an upgrade to the current Leopard Operating System. I just finished downloading it, and I don’t see any changes. It claims to improve iChat, iCal, Mail, and so on, but there are no changes that I can see. It also says that there is a Helvetica Narrow font which I can’t find in Microsoft Word. Of course there are other speed upgrades that I won’t be able to tell so soon. Leopard is great overall, but I just don’t see anything now that I haven’t seen before. I would suggest downloading it anyways for other reasons. It claims to have better security, which I’m sure it does, and I think it is faster, although it’s hard to tell. I would also download it just to have the latest software, for reasons such as iTunes, Safari, etc.. updates that need the newest operating system to work. I say you should download it, but don’t expect any great changes when your done.

This is the information page on Apple




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