The “Flame” Burns Other Walking Robots.

23 05 2008

Flame walking robot

You may think you know about walking robots, but the flame will change anything you ever thought. It is trained to walk and variant speeds exactly like a human and is even being used to diagnose people with walking disabilities. It uses the un-robot-like maneuver of falling every time it steps and can catch itself consistently. The Flame is considered the best walking robot of the current time, and definitely coolest looking blue flaming head. The main competitor is , unlike the flame, commercialized and is known as the Honda Asimo and looks like a cross between a drunk astronaut and a steroid-using kid looking for his mother.




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27 05 2008
Honda Asimo Conducts Orchestra «

[…] Honda Asimo, which we’ve previously condemned being oppressively stupid looking has secured its title, but with class. It gets on stage, looking like it’s about to drop a […]

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