The Verizon Glyde: Really? An iPhone Imitation? How Creative.

19 05 2008

No matter what Verizon has done so far, the iPhone beats anything it has. The Voyager, the Venus, nothing in comparison, espescially according to sales. Luckily for Verizon, Samsung may have a good idea for them just in time (it is kind of late actually). It’s called the Glyde, and thats exactly what it does. It’s a touch-screen front, but unlike the Voyager, it doesn’t have an exact copy of the iPhone. The applications are different and so are their shapes. It then has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, unlike the iPhone, and it sure glides down. It is way less bulky then the Voyager’s enV keyboard, which makes it a lot closer to the iPhone. The iPhone is sleek and now Verizon’s version is. Now, hopefully, well be able to rub it in the face of Steve Jobs when sales exceed his… yeah right. It consists of the better service (less wiretapping), and almost as good a phone. I can’t say that the Glyde is better than the iPhone, but its getting there. The only thing it’s missing, which it will never get, is iTunes.

The Glyde on Amazon




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