XP reaches Africa‽‽‽

16 05 2008


The XO, generated by “one laptop per child” is a computer designed for Africa with a specially designed Linux interface. It comes with no instructions for obvious monetary reasons. It now is working with the much larger, sadly closed source, system of Microsoft. Microsoft has devoted 40 people to the sole work of getting this to happen so hopefully it meets everyones expectations. Now Microsoft has gotten OLPC to even include 2 gigs of memory, so this could even be an effective mini computer for someone in a first world country. The children with the XO will be able to decide their operating system when they turn on their computer, between previous linux and now XP. The brilliance of the XO is when you buy one for yourself one gets sent to children who would benefit for the rest of their lives. To buy Windows XP just click here

Windows XP @ Amazon




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