Bold VS iPhone. Sounds Like a Civil War for the Rest of Us.

15 05 2008

Research in Motion introduced a new BlackBerry recently, the BlackBerry Bold. It is said that the Bold was made to compete with the faster and sleeker iPhone. The Bold has a video camera, just like the iPhone G3 has, and it is supposed to have more room for media on the BlackBerry. It also works faster on the internet with new Wi-Fi and it has a brighter screen. Although the design is the same, the way features work in-screen are a little different. It is expected to come out over the summer at AT&T for 3 or 4 hundred dollars. We should now expect a dog fight between Apple and Research in Motion for the best smart phone. Both companies stocks raised significantly since the two new phones have been introduced. Although competition seems steep, they are both considered to have different markets, Apples iPhone for aesthetic under 30’s and the renowned BlackBerry for the understandably older working class entrepreneurs.
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