Go Green with the Power-Saving SurgeArrest Power Strip

13 05 2008

Vampire Power: Large sums of energy that anything plugged in at all times sucks out of your outlets. Weather the device is on or off, you are still using energy and when things are off, wasting energy. I don’t think that anyone living in the current world would unplug everything in there house nightly for any length of time. APC has an answer. APC has come out with a power strip for computers. This is called the Power-Saving SurgeArrest power strip. It works just like any other power strip, just a little more advanced. You plug your computer into the master outlet, then things such as speakers, printers, scanners, etc… into the three “Controlled by Master” outlets. Now your probably wondering, wow, this is amazing, but how does it save energy? Well, whenever your computer is off, or asleep, the master outlet recognizes this and preserves the energy. It also cuts the power to the other three outlets and they turn off, therefore saving a ton of energy and not wasting vampire power. There are also three other outlets that are not controlled by the master. That way, you can plug in your internet connection, fax machine, phone, or anything else you need plugged in, you could plug your toaster or coffee maker into the other three. That way, you get seven outlets, four for the computer and three for random things. You can buy it at the cheap price of $32, or Amazons selection of energy saving power strips and APC’s estimate is that you will save $25 per year on you energy bill. In less than two years you will have payed yourself off. But, this is a good and affordable price. If you have a mac and are computer savvy, there is also a mac only version, the Power-Key Pro USB, available here for a rather lavish $200. This is a little more confusing, you use it with software that lets you press keys to turn it off, but the better thing is you can turn it off via telephone. This is supposed to run very well for the mac. We still do need a way to have something like this for TVs, toasters, coffee makers, etc.., but this is a good start. So, if you think anything about the environment, need a new power strip, or both, the Power-Saving SurgeArrest is a great thing to have.

Power-Saving SurgeArrest




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