Why We Have to Wait for the 3G iPhone.

11 05 2008


Really, its not going to be that much cooler, cool nevertheless. It’s just going to be more of what it is already, but now it’ll even be for the Japanese advanced market and will be shipped there. It has a two mega pixel crappy camera with no functions, that will change. It will, powered by the Infineon chip, use an up to five mega pixel camera almost definitely with video, and perhaps video conferencing which is generating lots of excitement Because it will be shipped to Japan where they use there phones as computers anyway we can imagine the vast technological improvements made on the interface. One of these improvements, found by Zibri of Z-iPhone is a reference to the Infineon chip which will power the item, which basically means that the phone will be much faster and based on Steve Jobs talks with Nakamura the iPhone will work on radio networks. We can also expect the bulky looking iPhone to end up looking more like the iPod Touch.




3 responses

12 05 2008
Jack Rose

couple questions: when does it come out, only for at&t or others, and how many gigs. but still cool it sounds good

15 05 2008
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7 06 2008
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