Transition. Oh Snap!

10 05 2008

The transition? Sounds like a corny car name, but i guarantee you you wont be complaining if you get behind the wheel of one of these bad boys. Its technical name would be a roadable aircraft, but since roadable isn’t a word, I’m going to stick with flying car. The concept is created, the design is built (pictures), but the first actual model is yet to be complete, but we can expect it in June or July. Terrafugia’s Transition has car like wheels while maintaining a rocket powered emergency abort parachute. This is going to set up a lot of confusion with insurance companies having no idea what to do, as the plan is to actually mass-produce this flying car by 2012. How they will get a folded wing to be light enough to sustain the Transition in mid-air while keeping the wings locked is going to be an interesting find. Deitreich, the creator doesn’t believe that anything will be big enough to stop him from accomplishing his goal which hes had since before the age of 10. He believes he can get permits for the roads and air soon, which is an ambitious goal, especially as this is the first of its kind, short of James Bond movies. Best of all, the Transition beats several convertible changing times, because it only takes 30 seconds to convert. Driving, driving, driving, traffic, flying, landing.

For Pictures Click Here.




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