Download Day Some Time in June

30 05 2008

FireFox, in an attempt to set the world record for most downloads in 24 hours, is holding a download day festivity to download the new FireFox 3. By the time I’ve written this 402,604 people have pledged which is somewhat higher than the current record give or take 402,604. Yes thats right, there is no record, so the record is zero downloads. The map above is on FireFox’s download day website and shows that the United States is kicking butt, dominating Brazils 29,124 more than double, and crushing Polands third place score of 27,529. It appears the African countries are doing the worst with Swaziland passing with a crummy 12 downloads. It is not set yet but Download Day is supposed to be some time in June. Pledge by clicking on the flaming fox below.

Download Day


New Leopard Operating System Update Doesn’t Impress

28 05 2008

Apple recently came out with Mac OS X 10.5.3, an upgrade to the current Leopard Operating System. I just finished downloading it, and I don’t see any changes. It claims to improve iChat, iCal, Mail, and so on, but there are no changes that I can see. It also says that there is a Helvetica Narrow font which I can’t find in Microsoft Word. Of course there are other speed upgrades that I won’t be able to tell so soon. Leopard is great overall, but I just don’t see anything now that I haven’t seen before. I would suggest downloading it anyways for other reasons. It claims to have better security, which I’m sure it does, and I think it is faster, although it’s hard to tell. I would also download it just to have the latest software, for reasons such as iTunes, Safari, etc.. updates that need the newest operating system to work. I say you should download it, but don’t expect any great changes when your done.

This is the information page on Apple

Honda Asimo Conducts Orchestra

27 05 2008

The Honda Asimo, which we’ve previously condemned being oppressively stupid looking has secured its title, but with class. It gets on stage, looking like it’s about to drop a load right there, and then proceeds to leading the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to perform. The facial movements and slight hand movements are very impressive, and so far we haven’t been able to see the Flame accomplish the same things.

Highest IQ’s use FireFox on MacPPC

27 05 2008


Well, no one really takes this seriously, but it is probably more than coincidence that FireFox is the “smartest” choice or that it should be used on MacPPC. As much of you are wondering, how do they get the results, and that would be from the stupid IQ tests that so often pop up. Yes, people actually do those. Chart Via BoingBoing.

The Tilt is AT&T’s Second Option to the iPhone

24 05 2008

HTC recently came out with the AT&T Tilt for, obviously, AT&T. The computer/phone features Windows Mobile 6 and a touch screen operated by a stylus, which is nice, and that’s only the front screen. After that you can push down the full QWERTY keyboard, and then “tilt” the screen up. The keyboard is spacious so it’s good for someone with big fingers. The phone also has e-mail and internet options, including Wi-Fi. There is a 3.0 megapixel camera round back of the Tilt and it also works with AT&T music and AT&T video. It sounds great for someone needing a phone for business, and it also seems a step up from the BlackBerry, considering the Windows Mobile and the touch screen. It will never have the pizzazz of an iPhone, but it’s still a good option. Buy the Tilt on Amazon for $199.

The “Flame” Burns Other Walking Robots.

23 05 2008

Flame walking robot

You may think you know about walking robots, but the flame will change anything you ever thought. It is trained to walk and variant speeds exactly like a human and is even being used to diagnose people with walking disabilities. It uses the un-robot-like maneuver of falling every time it steps and can catch itself consistently. The Flame is considered the best walking robot of the current time, and definitely coolest looking blue flaming head. The main competitor is , unlike the flame, commercialized and is known as the Honda Asimo and looks like a cross between a drunk astronaut and a steroid-using kid looking for his mother.

Awesome MacBook Key Color Switching

20 05 2008

Okay, recently on of the biggest trends between different color MacBook users is switching keys. Many people think its really cool looking, and who are we to disagree? Over at Fathom HQ we decide to switch our keys around, and post some pictures of really cool combinations we have found. I will post a new photo every day to the photo section linked here!
Check everyday for the updated pictures!