24 Hour Jimbo Plans to Make Guinness for Murder.

29 04 2008


Virtual murder that is. On this page at yahoo you can watch this live feed of a man and several bystanders murdering, raping, and speeding along on the new grand theft auto game that came out today. The game is expected to break all records coming out at 4 million dollars in the first week. This man intends to make a name for himself (if this counts as a name) by playing Grand Theft Auto for a full 24 hours, this is so legit in fact, they have a nurse on call in case anything happens, because, you know, if you live by the fake gun, you die by the fake gun. I can’t imagine doing this, but what would be even worse is being one of the three men paid to watch this game for 24 whole hours. This is the beauty of America. Not only are these three men watching but there is a live fed chat running that never ceases to be written in even now at 9:41. This is a tad bit pushing the ridiculousness I can normally handle. Especially the fact that this is going to get him in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is almost as bad as televised poker, televised GTA.

Grand Theft Auto @ Amazon

Live Feed




One response

7 05 2008

gta owns im gonna beat that record

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