Mario Kart Unboxing… Very Nice.

27 04 2008

Here is the unboxing of the Nintendo, Mario kart. The game, being one of the most anticipated for the Wii or any other consoles, definitely earns that title. The turning is amazing, however the wheel it gives you is a piece of crap, but once you just use the Wiimote naked, it starts to feel like you’re driving. The video of the game in action will come out soon. Join us in celebrating Mario day on March tenth, MAR 10, get it? Mario Kart @ Amazon, here.




3 responses

27 04 2008

TUCKER I LOVE THIS! can i come over and play it? btw i love ur accent… nd u make the game sound sooo appeealling!!

27 04 2008

That is horible tucker it is worse than watching Bum’s throw bottle’s at eachother oh wait that is flippin hilarious nvm it sucked!

7 05 2008

tucker – the english accent!! mate u were soo polite it reminds of the hunt!!

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