Virtual and Physical, One in the Same.

22 04 2008

The Microsoft Surface is up to date the most realistic experience possible of obtaining from a computer like object. It does truly anything you would not expect a 30 inch table to do, and as many people as necessary can be operating it at the same time, unlike the iPhone or MacBook air or computers of its type that have a one to two finger maximum and can only facilitate certain multi-finger functions. It can hold pictures exactly like a counter top could do, except without the danger of smudging or the hassle of one size, as size can be changed with pinching or pushing. The way pictures are put onto it is the most amazing part. By sticking your camera on the surface, you put the pictures on so that everyone can get an optimal look at any and all of the pictures and videos. The amazing potential that the Surface has, is its commercial value. Optimally it will be put in hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants. Imagine ordering on your table, as you table displays images of food you can get, by simply tapping it orders, and then splitting the check becomes as easy as sticking your credit card on the table over where you ate. Brilliant, you pay for what you get, and the graphics are entertainment themselves. When was the last time you were entertained by your check? With the Surface, you can plae your iPod down upon what becomes your photos, as your music appears your friend can place their iPod down, and with the flick of an index finger, you can swap any songs, albums, or playlists. The surface is the ultimate, “what now?” in the face of Apple’s Steve Jobs. The surface, beyond any reasonable doubt, is the product that can singlehandedly bring us one step farther, as Steve Wosniaks 8-Bit processor did in the past, except this time, this, is generally cool. I strongly suggest anyone reading this to check it out for themselves here.




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