Back That Up Girl!!!!

21 04 2008

What is one of the dumbest thing a computer owner can do? Not back up their info. What happens when one day your computer “decides” it doesn’t want to work anymore, or you drop it? You take it in, you get it back finally and ~presto~, your computer works again. You look in PhotoBooth to see that all your pictures are gone and you open Word to see that all your schoolwork is gone. What Now? Well if you had backed your computer up using time machine, or just copying everything onto an external drive, you could just load it back on and be fine. You don’t have a drive? Its all gone, all that hard work has just disappeared. It is one of the simplist things you can do – purchase an external drive.

The SimpleTech SimpleDrive, is a really good, and cost effective drive. This drive is so slick, that the guys over at Maserati designed it. It comes in different sizes for different needs (320gb, 500gb, 750gb, and 1tb). The SimpleDrive is also one of the most cost effective drives on the market. At just $100 dollars for the 320gb it is a must have for any laptop user. The 500gb is $115, and the 750gb is $175, if you have a bunch of computers and think you need it, the 1tb edition is available for $250. These drives are ultra portable, and make backing up your computer easy and fun. SimpleDrive




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