Vertu, Very Classy.

21 04 2008

Extremely nice phones. I am not talking about the razr, im not even talking about the sidekick. I’m talking about the iPhone, wait thats made out of plastic and steel, skip that. When someone is talking about genuinely breath taking mobile devices the Vertu (pronounced virtue) is generally brought up. It is handmade in England and then sent to jewelers. JEWLERS! That must be a pretty damn nice looking phone, which it is. It comes with its own concierge, which in its self is ridiculous but especially because these 24 hours a day on call people will submit to any whim and will do or find anything. There are stories on their web page that describe a man calling for them to pick his wifes diamond anniversary present, he did nothing but supply the funds, I bet according to this man money does in fact buy happiness. Every little bit of any Vertu phone is completely hand crafted, down to the ruby slide board. If you were buying a Vertu however, you should expect nothing less as the prices range from low 4000’s to high 7000’s. I bet your iPhone just started looking a whole lot better now. This anything but cheap Vertu imitator is worth a try if you have an extra 400 dollars kicking around.




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