Magic? Oh… That Explains It.

20 04 2008

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The Light Generated Keyboard is probably in my personal top 10 for the coolest looking electronics. What it actually is, is a projector that, if put on a flat surface can display a full size keyboard and then display whatever you type onto any PDA or USB compatible device. How it does this is by assessing the exact coordinates of your fingers using laser technology, which is scarily accurate in low light situations, and then wirelessly relaying the feedback to the laptop/desktop/PDA of your choice. If you miss the clicky noises of your computer as you type, it can do that too. The only drawbacks that we have found have been, the clicky noises in a meeting situation, and heavy light situations. Mobility Today points out that the hunt and peck style of writing is more effective than no look typing on this, but that it is still much much faster than typing on your PDA, and much cooler than typing on your laptop. Click For Pictures

Light Generated Keyboard At Amazon




2 responses

20 04 2008

who wrote this one?? why dusnt it say who wrote the posts anymore?

21 04 2008
Shmucker Piggins

That’d be Tuck!

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