Mythbuster; Jamie Hyneman Cuts the Crap

19 04 2008

It’s been said multiple times that human and bovine feces can actually be used to produce electrical voltage and power everything and anything. This doesn’t mean of course that by simply pooping on your iPod charger you can create electrical voltage for those of you who have their pants already down, what it takes is an anaerobic digester to use bacteria to release the green-house gas, methane which can be burnt and used to generate electrical voltage. One of the major investors in this new technology is NASA, yes the space association, for the clear reason of having to power a rocket engine, and having to find a way to get rid of years amounts of poo. Other energy savers found by Mr. Mythbuster were grape juice, algae, and greenhouse gasses, surprisingly empty space is not a productive generator.

Via: “Mother Jones” May + June.




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