Googles First Unsuccessful Mission

19 04 2008

Google slip up? Unheard of… until now. According to Google’s agreement with Myspace made early this year states that Google with pay Myspace the sum of 900 million dollars, if Google can advertise on Myspace and all of its pages. The misconception here was Google imagine a world where the middle ad high schoolers’ on Myspace would refrain from social networking for a moment to purchase something, this is not the case which is shown pretty effectively as Google has lost a total one point five percent off of there total margins. Google losing revenue off of an advertising campaign seldom happens, they are sometimes thought of to be the one company that cannot lose, definitely the company with the smartest employees.

Only one man seems to be able to explain the non-Google way of ad thinking.  His name is Andy Monfried  and his thoughts are that  generating ads based solely on the  profile of a facebook or myspace user. He claims that the way to determine what someone wants is based on what people do because that is in effect exactly what they want. Since Google is new to the social networking scene it is fair to say that within the year Google will have the monopoly once again. Once Google learns to stop focusing on intent, as that would be to talk to friends, and start looking at demographic, that’s when they will be able to start taking money from us once again!




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21 04 2008

wow i didnt know that thats interesting. this website is awesome.

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