Z-iPhone, Free and Brilliant

18 04 2008

Have you already updated your iPod to 1.1.4, or just looking for a better jailbreak system? Z-iPhone provides the absolute best jailbreak software, and it’s completely free, and can take less than 3 minutes. ZiPhone provides games such as the oh so popular helicopter game, (iCopter) Pool, and iPhysics. Along with games it offers dictionaries/encyclopedias, eBooks, Flashcards, tons of tweaks toys, utilities and wallpapers, and lots of miscellaneous. It Also allows any icon (which can be customized) to become hidden or categorized. To see pictures click here.




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18 04 2008
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19 04 2008
Leo Winokur

Yes it definitely is one of the best and its free! so easy a caveman could do it

7 05 2008
Andrew Bernstein (HP)


I still don’t get how to unlock the iphone!

11 05 2008
Why We Have to Wait for the New iPhone. «

[…] the vast technological improvements made on the interface. One of these improvements, found by Zibri of Z-iPhone is a reference to the Infineon chip which will power the item, which basically means that the  […]

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