The Almighty Kindle is Here!

18 04 2008

Amazon's new wireless reading device

The kindle, capable of holding more than 200 entire books inside its thin, white figure, has finally arrived at fathom’s doorstep. The Kindle combines massive memory cramming capacity, with magnets that create the image on the screen, which create no need for battery once the image is set to provide the greatest travel experience one could imagine. Oh… I forgot, it has complete internet capability, which means wikipedia if yur stuck on a concept in a book, or just if you’re bored. This also mens no carrying dictionary’s anywhere., anywhere your book goes, thats brilliant. And at any time if you wish to read the news, most newspapers are online now too. Due to the positively and negatively charged screen, there is no glare that one would find on an average computer screen, making reading faster and altogether more enjoyable, and if a simple device can make your getaway spot better, its worth any cost. In case anyone is interested in purchasing a kindle we have put a link to it below, by using this you are benefiting yourselves for ease of access, and any purchases will be appreciated equal to a donation to Fafru.





One response

18 04 2008

you guys are so cute!!
i love tht you guys are so dedicated to this!

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