Europe Starts testing of In-Flight Cellphone Concept

18 04 2008

Franqouis Germain was one of the first to test airline Air France’s new program allowing the use of cellphones mid-flight, from seat 14c, Germain called his assistant in Paris and waited while the signal connected to a satellite in space and then a cell antena on the ground roughly 39,000 feet below. The assistant commented saying that Germain sounded like a small robot. Air France is pushing to start a trend of cellphone use during airline flights.

Many US based airlines are very strictly NO CELLPHONE companies. The reason for this is because many customers have fought to keep airplanes a cell free zone. Many airline companies throughout the world are preparing for launches of in-flight cellphone programs as early as this summer.
What do you think? What would mean more to you, being able to talk to someone or having a really loud person next to you? Let us know. To read more on in flight air phones click here.




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