MacBook Pro Reaches New Heights and Speeds in Time for Olympics

17 04 2008

The Apple geniuses have come up with another good one: the Multi-Touch Trackpad. It works the way the iPhone’s screen works: you can rotate, zoom and much more the all-new trackpad. All of this and more from the new version of the Pro. It also comes with a new version of Intel that is supposed to run much faster at 2.6GHz. Also, at only 5.4 pounds, it is only .4 pounds heavier than the smaller MacBook. For only one inch thick and a 15 or 17 inch screen, its packed with a lot of power. But what has really got me on the New MacBook Pro is it’s mouse pad. I am on a MacBook right now and the only thing it’s mouse pad can do is move the mouse and scroll. It seems it would be a new experience to be able to rotate and zoom things, the world at your touch. Just like the iPhone’s touch-screen cover flow, it can scroll through pictures, rotate them, and zoom in on them. The new Pro also has up to 300 gigs of memory and 4 gigs of ram. It is up to 70% faster than the former Pro in certain programs. This Apple computer is supposed to be the fastest wireless computer in Apples continually improving empire, being able to connect to any network in any location. Once connected, you have high-speed internet and the ability to print at any printer found. Of course, this new laptop has Leopard, Apple’s newest operating system. Leopard comes with 300 new features for Macs. The laptop has built in speakers, a camera, a microphone, CD/DVD drive, 4.5 to 5 hours of battery, plus a LOT more. All in all, the newest MacBook Pro has amazing new features, some never seen before. It seems to be a great computer, for anyone needing a new one.

New MacBook Pro At Amazon




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18 04 2008

Good post Jack and damn it looks, MACBOOK, good

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