This Wheel Chair Dude?

14 04 2008

Go ahead look. What I’m talking about is the apple thesaurus.  Look up observed and you will find  a  rarity in this  increasingly politically correct world. Apples sentence is as follows, “I observed this wheelchair dude waiting in the vestibule for me.” As most of you are saying… What the hell? This Wheel Chair Dude, who is he and why is he waiting in a vestibule? Who waits in a vestibule, and who but Apple describes “observes” that oddly specific yet refraining to mention at all why there is a Wheel Chair Dude waiting in a vestibule your observing… This is why I love Apple.




3 responses

15 04 2008

it didnt work!

15 04 2008

nevermind it did

17 04 2008


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