iPhone… Almost there.

12 04 2008


Everyone’s STILL talking about the iPhone and about how great it is… My question, will they ever come out with a 32 gig iPhone, that would be worth chatter! When the product first came out, I know that I wanted one more than anything. The two things that held me back were, mostly, I have Verizon and can’t switch for a while and also, like much of x generation America I have an 80 gig video iPod with around 30 or 40 gigs used. How do you convert from 40 to 8, or now 16? Also, if my iPod was my phone, I would probably have more TV shows and videos because I would take everywhere with me. 8 gigs only fits only a handful of songs and not even 10 hours of video. If they are to come out with a 32 or higher gig iPhone, we might have a lot more of a rational urge to buy it. If there was the iPhone for Verizon, 32 plus gigs or not, I would most likely have one in my pocket right now. Verizon actually did a pretty good job of copying the iPhone with the Voyager. It has the exact same front page, and many of the same features minus the wire tapping AT&T provides. Verizon topped Apple with the flip-open keyboard to go along with the touchscreen. But still, its nothing compared to the iPhone (or the iPhones price). So, when the iPhone gets more memory and becomes open for other services, the world will finally get a device worth celebrating.

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15 04 2008
Me too


15 04 2008

I think that it is also

15 04 2008
Jack Rose


15 05 2008
Old VS New. Sounds Like a Civil War for the Rest of Us. «

[…] Although competition seems steep, they are both considered to have different markets, Apples iPhone for aesthetic under 30’s and the renowned BlackBerry for the understandably older working […]

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