Should we expect a new computer model from Apple at WWDC?

3 04 2008

We haven’t seen anything major for the MacBook or MacBook Pro recently, leaving some of us to conclude that we may get a new line up from Apple in about 2 months. On May 16, 2006, Apple unveiled the first MacBook and MacBook Pro models and we have only seen fairly small updates since, leaving us to believe that this maybe where some new computers join the party. Apple did unroll the MacBook Air earlier this year, but there is not a chance that Apple could make that a replacement for one of the current computers due to the fact that the Air is very expensive and not as fast. Maybe if we do get a new computer we will get a slimmer one, but still not as small as the Air, or maybe some new security features such as a finger scanner for extra security. Until we have more information, we will leave the imagining to you.




2 responses

10 04 2008

dont u think that leopard would b considered an update? i mean that was huge

10 04 2008
Bailey Berro

When we said updates, we meant physical changes, as in the keyboard layout, cores, screen type, options etc. We didn’t mean like software updates, but yes you would be right that that was a big update but that affects all apple computers, not just the MacBook & MacBook Pro

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