24 Hour Jimbo Plans to Make Guinness for Murder.

29 04 2008


Virtual murder that is. On this page at yahoo you can watch this live feed of a man and several bystanders murdering, raping, and speeding along on the new grand theft auto game that came out today. The game is expected to break all records coming out at 4 million dollars in the first week. This man intends to make a name for himself (if this counts as a name) by playing Grand Theft Auto for a full 24 hours, this is so legit in fact, they have a nurse on call in case anything happens, because, you know, if you live by the fake gun, you die by the fake gun. I can’t imagine doing this, but what would be even worse is being one of the three men paid to watch this game for 24 whole hours. This is the beauty of America. Not only are these three men watching but there is a live fed chat running that never ceases to be written in even now at 9:41. This is a tad bit pushing the ridiculousness I can normally handle. Especially the fact that this is going to get him in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is almost as bad as televised poker, televised GTA.

Grand Theft Auto @ Amazon

Live Feed


Be Cool

29 04 2008

Do you ever feel your laptop get really hot? Well… thats not something to brag about. When your computer gets hot, it causes the computer to run harder, and puts a strain on the HD, ram, fans, and most importantly the motherboard/CPU. Not only that, it tends to hurt your legs if it’s sitting on your lap. This problem can be simply solved by ordering Antec’s USB-powered notebook cooler. This thing will keep your computer cool, for an affordable price of $28. Be cool and keep your computer cool.
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iMac Revamp

28 04 2008

This morning Apple released the updated iMac which now comes with more memory standard and faster speeds. Here is a chart with the new specs

You can purchase the new computer here:

Mario Kart Unboxing… Very Nice.

27 04 2008

Here is the unboxing of the Nintendo, Mario kart. The game, being one of the most anticipated for the Wii or any other consoles, definitely earns that title. The turning is amazing, however the wheel it gives you is a piece of crap, but once you just use the Wiimote naked, it starts to feel like you’re driving. The video of the game in action will come out soon. Join us in celebrating Mario day on March tenth, MAR 10, get it? Mario Kart @ Amazon, here.

Ringtones, Any Mp3 From Your Computer?

26 04 2008

Make your own ringtones and graphics, for free, at Mobile17. Check it out! Click-here.

Do you have great songs on your computer and want them to be ring-tones? Technically iTunes 7.6 should be able to help with that by creating your own ring-tones, but for those who arent so technologically savvy, here comes mobile17. Pick any music file on your computer, pick the time and how long you want the loop to be (from 3 to 40 seconds) and then upload. This upload process says it takes forever so that you donate to get priority, but it goes way faster than the time says, and if its a multiple hour time, just take a nap. This software is completely great-grandma proof and totally anti-spam. They offer multiple ways of getting you your ringtone, customized to your plan and to your phone, so once you click the link up top, not much needs to be done. Any ring-tone, any time.

Zeitgeist, you make the call.

24 04 2008

Have you ever wondered where google puts all of its information? How much of a help it would be to the general public to know what was on everyones mind. Well, the 2007 Google Zeitgeist is here, and great job america you can pat yourself on the back, Porn does not make the top 10. the top 10 consists of the following,

  1. iphone
  2. webkinz
  3. tmz
  4. transformers
  5. youtube
  6. club penguin
  7. myspace
  8. heroes
  9. facebook
  10. anna nicole smith

This is the list of fastest rising search terms in america on google in the year 2007. Apple will be happy that their number one product is also googles, perhaps the surface will be on the 2008 one. Next in line is Webkinz, which is ridiculous. For those who don’t know what webkinz is, is a stuffed animal line that lets you care for your actual stuffed animal as a virtual pet, and feed it etc. Coming in at number three, expectedly was TMZ the celebrity website that just came out in ’07 and previously was just a magazine. For the fourth and fifth, transformers and youtube respectively, one was relatively a surprise and the other one definitely in the top 10, how did transformers beat youtube?

Virtual and Physical, One in the Same.

22 04 2008


The Microsoft Surface is up to date the most realistic experience possible of obtaining from a computer like object. It does truly anything you would not expect a 30 inch table to do, and as many people as necessary can be operating it at the same time, unlike the iPhone or MacBook air or computers of its type that have a one to two finger maximum and can only facilitate certain multi-finger functions. It can hold pictures exactly like a counter top could do, except without the danger of smudging or the hassle of one size, as size can be changed with pinching or pushing. The way pictures are put onto it is the most amazing part. By sticking your camera on the surface, you put the pictures on so that everyone can get an optimal look at any and all of the pictures and videos. The amazing potential that the Surface has, is its commercial value. Optimally it will be put in hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants. Imagine ordering on your table, as you table displays images of food you can get, by simply tapping it orders, and then splitting the check becomes as easy as sticking your credit card on the table over where you ate. Brilliant, you pay for what you get, and the graphics are entertainment themselves. When was the last time you were entertained by your check? With the Surface, you can plae your iPod down upon what becomes your photos, as your music appears your friend can place their iPod down, and with the flick of an index finger, you can swap any songs, albums, or playlists. The surface is the ultimate, “what now?” in the face of Apple’s Steve Jobs. The surface, beyond any reasonable doubt, is the product that can singlehandedly bring us one step farther, as Steve Wosniaks 8-Bit processor did in the past, except this time, this, is generally cool. I strongly suggest anyone reading this to check it out for themselves here.