27 million dollar phone-on-air campaign launched by Emirates

21 03 2008

To much of the worlds dismay in flight phone use is now possible, and supposedly harmless. AeroMobile partnered up with Emirates to install the system for the first time on Airbus model A340. What the system does exactly, is convert the heavy talker sitting next to you’s cell phone airwaves into smaller waves, to a point where they don’t put the airplanes positioning devices out of whack. Even though I’m not sure of the integrity of the following statement, Emirates claims that they will prevent people from taking advantage of this feature by talking non-stop so loud you figure they forgot about their phone but still want to talk to someone 30,000 feet below. This had the potential to be the best technological improvement this month… except to most people its a mere annoyance. My suggestion is if you are being annoyed by a heavy talker near you, simply pull out your phone and talk the best Farsi jiberish you can manage, chances are the flight crew will end calls to the ground.




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