Google Phone 2008, Should Be Amazing. Can You Create It?

19 03 2008

Continuing until April 14th Google is holding a phone competition that is going to supply Google with their first phone. They are challenging developers and regular people alike to create a software for their upcoming phone using android software. The phones name has yet to be revealed however. exactly what Google’s competition is, is they are offering up cash prizes totaling 10 million dollars for a set of application designs. The exact type of Apps they are looking for are social networking programs and also programs that help the environment or humanitarian benefits, but mostly, as Google describes it, “whatever your interested in.” The actual creation of the software is much easier than what I thought before I started on my own project. What actually happens, is you download Android, which is the basis of what you will be creating. After this you must download yet another program to be able to physically create the programs you want, which they give you step by step instruction on how to do. are the pictures that would come up after opening this program , and as you modified the application, the phones screen would change accordingly. That is the Picture of the actual Google phone coming out known as the Gphone {(or Google phone) weirdly similar name as apples iPhone}. This phone is built upon the base of the E28 Linux Handset. Anyway, after creating the Application on the E28’s virtual screen the goal would be to send the code to Google and possibly win one of the cash prizes of 275,000 dollars. I would’ve highly suggested Google’s offer, but it would be very hard to construct anything worth while before mid-April.




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