Small Just Got A Littler Bigger

14 03 2008

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Apples classic “toy” has been modernized. The only iPod with flash memory has been revamped. Although personally I believe 15 ounces is just pushing the limits of how small you want your audio device, and perhaps the Apple nation agrees as shuffle sales are slipping along with other flash memory users. However, perhaps in an attempt to prevent further slippage, Apple has has added yet another gigabyte to this bite-size wonder. My suggestion is, don’t get the shuffle for multiple types of music as it should be used as a specific tool such as your running music, or music you listen to when you should be listening to something excruciatingly boring. This can be a feature of the shuffle as you never have to change the songs, its cheap, and very discreet. Now, as this is my reasoning, I do not suggest buying it just because of the surplus gig.




One response

15 03 2008

I have way to many songs for a shuffle… but my dad got me a shuffle and i never use it. Its a waste!! Tucker are you the only one who post?? Wow i cant believe you guys hvae 458 hits!!!

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