Go Pro For Sho’ if Yo’ Got the Dough

12 03 2008

product-15in.jpgSo… the new MacBook Pro came out again towards the end of February and as usual apple bumps up the expectation line half a notch. This half a notch however is the difference between waiting for an application to load, and having it load so fast you wonder if you were day dreaming. The only trouble to this waiting time is it doesn’t give you time to enjoy the metallic sleekness that apple so often entrusts within its notebooks.

However costumers are complaining about the run time of applications such as Adobe PhotoShop — but that is a silly complaint as it will be a while until apple comes out with a processor capable of opening massive files instantaneously. Also with this light speed beauty you can preserve battery, and save the environment  at the same time. the LCD lighted screen also featured on the MBA does not use the toxic metal mercury as does the CCFL. several problems complain macintouch.com and “creative bits” are that the area near the screen heats to a hotter than expected temperature, and also that the light sensor can be tricked by a misplaced pinky finger, so dont use your computer in a dark room with one light… or in the desert. Overall the Pro out does the Air in every way except for having a lamer name so in the event of a conflict is a conflict, go Pro.




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