Go Pro For Sho’ if Yo’ Got the Dough

12 03 2008

product-15in.jpgSo… the new MacBook Pro came out again towards the end of February and as usual apple bumps up the expectation line half a notch. This half a notch however is the difference between waiting for an application to load, and having it load so fast you wonder if you were day dreaming. The only trouble to this waiting time is it doesn’t give you time to enjoy the metallic sleekness that apple so often entrusts within its notebooks.
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Macbook Airheaded?

12 03 2008

131583-mbair_large.jpgThe Mac Book Air, known by some as the MBA, recently came out at a price of nearly 1800 dollars. It claims to be the “World’s Thinnest Notebook”, which hardly makes up for its inferiority. What it doesn’t have is a FireWire, a vital connection port; nor does it have the power to create 30 in. display graphics. This is highly annoying, as one would expect this to be, lets say, la crème de la crème. Another faulty mechanism is the battery power which tops at five hours, which although is a slight improvement still is not worth it to shell out the extra cash for anything else than bragging rights. I do recognize that for an average youth the computers ability’s would be sufficient, but the price would be too massive, and for anyone with any serious work to be done such as video editing or web cam functions would be very disappointed by the potential of the notebook. The one high point of the computer is its narrow design (no pun intended). This design is flawed however when one try’s to fit it into an average briefcase or back pack, or even between their arm pit and wrist, the fact is its just too wide. So the basis of my point being, the Mac book air is hardly more portable than the previous of its family, its pricy, and though it has heightened technology it still is less capable for the average job than another laptop, even, god forbid, a P.C.

iPhone SDK downloads reach 100,000

12 03 2008

In the first four days since its launch on March 6, more than 100,000 iPhone developers have downloaded the iPhone SDK, Apple today announced. Leading developers such as AOL, Electronic Arts, Epocrates, salesforce.com and Sega have already demonstrated amazing applications using the SDK, and developer response continues to be phenomenal with more developers embracing the platform.

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