The iPhone Dev Team has jailbroken firmware 2.0…… and ITS NOT EVEN OUT

11 03 2008

jailbreak_20.jpgThe iPhone Dev Tea has miraculously jail-broken the 2.0 firmware, months before its out. Should Apple just make the iPhone open ended and allow the jailbreaks, because the Dev Team has definitely proven that there gonna jailbreak whatever you throw at them. People would like it if they could have all the third party apps, and the well developed apps distributed through the app store.

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iPhone 2.0 Breakdown

11 03 2008

Okay, sorry it’s so late, but here is the 2.0 breakdown:
There were many announcements such as the enterprise capabilities for push Email, Calander, and Contacts. And the SDK announcement with the applications demos from Apple, EA, AOL, and Sega. I liked all of them, especially the AIM application, but I would have to say my favorite of the application was Sega’s Monkey Ball. Sega’s Monkey Ball seemed to run smoothly with the iPhones, and take advantage of all of it’s capabilities.
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